Monday, January 14, 2013

14 January 2013

Monday, January 14

Those who [marry] will have tribulation in their flesh. — 1 Cor. 7:28

Many newlyweds are surprised, even disappointed, when their mates differ with them on important issues. The two may find themselves at odds on how they should spend money and leisure time, where they will live, and how often they should visit the in-laws. And each one has personality flaws that can irritate the other. During courtship, it is easy to make light of the importance of such matters, but they can later put great strain on a marriage. A couple do well to resolve areas of concern before they marry. To be successful and happy, a couple must face their challenges unitedly. They should agree on how to discipline their children and how to care for aging parents. The pressure caused by family difficulties should not push the two apart. By applying Bible counsel, they will solve many problems, endure those that remain, and stay happy together. — 1 Cor. 7:10, 11 w11 10/15 2:14-16