Sunday, November 22, 2015


Worked for about 4 hours last night. My foot was pretty aggravated by the end of the shift.  Stopped by McDonald's on the way home so that I could take my medicine for the pain. Starting to think that I am getting accustomed to the medicine but it is still working. That I am grateful for.

When I get to a certain financial level, I have been thinking of either moving to Chicago or San Diego or both. Both would require a higher level of financial status. Both would be a good and likely place to live. Second option would be to move back to Alaska. During the first few weeks of gaining what I need, I will be able to look at my options and weigh the pros and cons of each and all places.

Just not sure what I would do with 3 nights off in a row. Wondering what would help with earning money while I wait to heal. Though I am sure I can find out when I go for my appointment at the VA Clinic in Bellevue. Just wish that there was an easier way to earn a living. Perhaps I can find a way while at my parents' house for dinner. Here's to hoping a way pops up. 😊