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Sunday, November 22, 2015

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Worked for about 4 hours last night. My foot was pretty aggravated by the end of the shift.  Stopped by McDonald's on the way home so that I could take my medicine for the pain. Starting to think that I am getting accustomed to the medicine but it is still working. That I am grateful for.

When I get to a certain financial level, I have been thinking of either moving to Chicago or San Diego or both. Both would require a higher level of financial status. Both would be a good and likely place to live. Second option would be to move back to Alaska. During the first few weeks of gaining what I need, I will be able to look at my options and weigh the pros and cons of each and all places.

Just not sure what I would do with 3 nights off in a row. Wondering what would help with earning money while I wait to heal. Though I am sure I can find out when I go for my appointment at the VA Clinic in Bellevue. Just wish that there was an easier way to earn a living. Perhaps I can find a way while at my parents' house for dinner. Here's to hoping a way pops up. 😊

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


My big toe seems to have improved, with a bit less pain then when it first happened. Never thought that taking care of laundry would be this grave. Hoping that at the initial check up at the VA to get my primary care designation I'll be able to see what kind of care will be needed. Hopefully, no surgery will be involved. Wondering what will be involved if there is. Only time will tell, though I would like to just not go through surgery and just get through the healing process. Even as annoying as walking on one part of my foot is and as annoying as the dull pain is in my right toe.

The Norco does help with alleviating what does exist. Progression is seemingly coming along because of it as well. Just wishing that it would heal faster. Healing right wouldn't happen that way I guess. It is pretty nice to catch up on my Hulu queue though.

One in particular show is Castle. Always did like the kind of shows that involve actors like the main character in Castle. Firefly was a good show and don't know why it was cancelled. And the previous actors are included into some of the episodes of Castle.

Work called, seeing if I would be able to do 4 hours on a scheduled Saturday to see how things worked out. That would be half of my normal time but would be good to still get part of a paycheck. Sunday night was also a scheduled night that would also see how things would work if Saturday goes well. Two nights off after that and I have my VA appointment on the next scheduled night for work. So pretty much, I'll be letting work know how the appointment goes when all is said and done.

Pretty much, after Wednesday, I'll have have medical whether or not I have a job after that. Just not sure what all I'll have after that.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

As it is

Not sure if I should have waited so long to get my foot looked at considering how it felt after I had slipped on the stairs and how my right foot had gotten caught. It had seemed to have held the weight of my body which had felt to transfer all to that one toe. It had been shortly after getting off work and had a few minutes after getting home decided to get my laundry from the dryer. Hindsight suggests that I could have worn my indoor shoes to prevent the slip.

Upon review of the x-rays, the doc had said that the part of the big toe on my right foot was fractured and that I should have minimal use of walking until it is healed and that I should have it looked at in 7 to 10 days to see whether surgery is necessary or not. 6 to 10 weeks was his time frame for healing if no surgery is needed. When I go into the VA clinic on the 25th of this month, it have been 10 days and then they will be able to look at it. I was going to be going in initially to get a initial check up to get primary care established but this will be part of what I go in for as well.

Pretty glad that I went in to get my foot checked out. Definitely helps to know what is going on with it that thereis a process for taking care of it. Just don't know if I will have a job when the whole thing is said and done. Though I am pretty sure that I will be qualified for unemployment if I am jobless after this.

In the meantime, I will rest and elevate my foot to let it heal. The bridge will be crossed when I get there.