Sunday, November 9, 2014

What The Marine Corps Birthday And Veterans Day Means To Me

Tomorrow, on Monday, 10 November 2014, it will be the 239th year of the Marine Corps. The day after, Veteran’s Day. Thinking first of the Marine Corps, what comes to mind are those I served along side with. 5 years of my life, spent in an effort to be part of what was to be bigger than myself.  A path paved by those before me and those after, fulfilling an obligation freely taken and fully served for the country we believed in, a country we dared to protect against those who dare to take it and destroy. Freedoms we protected were given up so that our families, friends, and others may have them as enjoyment. The sacrifice of past, current, and future Marines will always be remembered by those close to them and the ones they protect. Those who died that I served with gave willingly of themselves so that those back home may enjoy comforts that all can work for. A sacrifice that will allow the freedom to enjoy each day to the fullest and to read, watch, write, speak, listen, believe or not believe etc. anything that is reasonable to them.

Freedoms that all should and aught to enjoy around the world are enjoyed in America. Those freedoms fought hard for by those who served in the Marine Corps and the other services, which is what Veteran’s Day is set to help us as a nation to remember.

The family’s of those that have served give up so much as well in order for those that serve may serve even more freely. Parents who let their sons and daughters go to war, knowing that they may never see them again. Wives and husbands who support their spouses in their service to fellow man and country, fearing just as well that it is for the greater good that the spouse protects the country with the gift of self, wholly and without reservation, knowing the ultimate gift is their life. Last but definitely not least, are the children whose parent ( s ) serve, growing up knowing what was given. Those who have lost loved ones in exchange for the protection of freedom and home soil know the cost that comes with supporting such actions.

Those who serve in all the branches know the cost of bearing such a weight, doing it gladly knowing the reward at the end.

This Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran’s Day have a significance to me in that I know the cost given by those fallen that I served with. Within the unit I served at OEF2, 6 I knew died, giving of themselves, committed to never letting any dangers that may come after what they cherished back back home get any closer than was necessary, especially if they could have a say. Since coming back, I have remembered them, always keeping in mind the sacrifice they made. The 6 I knew, along with the countless others.