Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not Sure Yet About My Focus As An Atheist Blogger

Not Sure About My Focus 
Having trouble trying to have a main focus as far as what to write concerning atheism after much of what I’ve been seeing. I want to join the “fight” against passing myth, fantasy, and magic as truth and reality. Being over generalized, Atheism vs. Religion/Faith/Myth, without any clear direction as to which way it is going. No path set or any signs pointing as to which way to go, I am left with a question mark over my head at the paths going willy-nilly.  
At first, I wanted to comb through the news and find different ways of acknowledging how religion was doing it wrong. Upon further consideration, I realized I did not have a matrix of how I would go about it since I had been so used to keeping most of my opinions to myself. 
The further along I went down that line of thought, it made me think about my “time” with the JW’s. I began to realize that there had been a constant thought in the back of my mind about how I was indirectly chastised about thinking for myself and that the elders were the only ones who should do the thinking for me, along with determining whom I was to actually be. The governing body was the one who was actually pulling the strings like a puppet master, seeing how they were the ones putting out the information that was to be studied each Sunday along with whatever weekday was chosen by the congregation for the book study and other material.  
Dwelling on that, I realized that had I not left when I did, I would have allowed others to do my thinking for me as well as allowing them to have complete control over me. This could be applicable to Mormonism and Christianity in general. 
The veil had lifted, as the saying goes. I am positive that there are pure and unselfish intentions by some, but know that most do it for the control that being in such authority allows for. Interestingly, I noticed how veil equals evil. Same letters with a couple rearranged between the two allows both to go hand in hand. Intention may not have been there but the correlation has become evident to me.  
Being able to think for myself with the verifiable information allowed, makes the future brighter. As an individual, still single and no kids, happiness comes at the fact that I am not subject to a wife and children still in any particular religion with me having come out of it. As the proverb goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Freedom that is allowed to me in making my own decisions helps me to exercise my mind. Accepting as well that mistakes will be made, being human. No one is born perfect nor born with the instincts that other animals have that allow them to live in their environment. 
This idea helps me to appreciate the value of life more, having the ability to think, being able to exercise my mind that in turn will give me more capableness in being able to handle any future decisions. In particular, when any new facts come to light that will help make way for a better path; I will be ready for it. Admittedly, there is still a lot for me to learn and to overcome, especially for as long as I have been in the concept of “faith”. Appreciation for the way that believing in a deity is no different than believing in Santa Claus. Both are based, not on or in reality, but exist to give a false hope, and in most ways the way of controlling the one who believes in the concept. 
My intention is not to use this blog as a platform to rant and rave while spinning my tires in the mud. I do plan on going somewhere with it. To at least help me learn along the true path of reality and maybe to help those where I can. Reading fantasy and sci-fi genres are the best, but having to accept them as truth is no way to live. Like Aesop’s Fables and Grimm’s Fairytales are ways of conveying certain truths, so should the approach to any belief without having to take the trash with the cake. 
During work this week, a co-worker had mentioned that Satan was more of a warden when I had brought up the fact that “hell” would not be all that bad since those going there were doing what Satan wanted anyway. To say the least, I found it interesting since it was the first time I had heard of Satan being as such. Never quite heard it put that way before though I am sure that there is no reference of him being as such.