Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Three Places

The three places that have been on my mind lately have been Miami, Phoenix, and San Diego. Though in my mind I enjoy winter and what comes with it, the physical attraction to a warm place has started to become something unavoidable. At some point in the future, I would like to move to one of the formerly mentioned places.

What the attraction is, that I have been to two ( San Diego and Phoenix) but have always wanted to go to one (Miami) to experience what it had to offer like the other two. In San Diego, the attraction that draws me is Mission Beach, though that may be because it is the few things that stays constant of what I remember about San Diego. As for Phoenix, just the thought of exploring more of what it is apart from the airport and hotels, getting to know what it is on a deeper level. Miami holds the most to what explorative nature there is to see. As never having been there but hearing about it has made it a bit bigger than what it may actually be.

Though I know that all things, places, and people hold a good and bad side, the calling to see what it is to develop my own opinion gets greater and greater. It may be at least a year before I am even able to consider such a move, the challenge has been set in my mind. Calling from the shadows, whispers to me in my dreams. Futures aren’t set in stone and shift like the sand.

The trip to any three would be great to take video of, with the bus rides and the waiting in bus terminals. Greyhound has become my best option at this point. Only question to be asked, what should I do once I get down there? A job at any three would be the first choice. After that, what ever offers itself to be explored.

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