Friday, April 12, 2013

Pretty Neat Conversation Stoppers

These are all good, but the last one is great. 

*Field Ministry Conversation Stoppers* 

****The householder said, "Only those who have accepted Jesus in their
lives will be saved." The brother responded with, "We certainly agree with
that, but where does that leave Abraham, Moses, Job, King David and all the
others in the Old Testament who never knew of Jesus?"*
****A brother was talking with a householder about being saved. The
householder said, 'I have accepted Jesus in my life, recognize that he died
for my sins and I'm now saved.' The brother responded with 'Well, if that is
the case, shouldn't the Bible be one paragraph long? What is the rest of it
for? That's why we go door to door - to offer people Bible studies to learn
about all the requirements from God.* '
**** This is from a brother in the Spanish Dover congregation in New
Jersey --- The householder usually will ask, "What religion are you?" In
most cases we would answer, "Jehovah's Witnesses," and the conversation
would normally end there with the words: "Sorry not interested!" But, reply
in this manner: "Jehovah's Witness, and you?" This mandates a reply from the
householder, thus allowing us to continue the conversation.*
**** This came from a Regular Pioneer sister in the North congregation in
Anchorage, Alaska --- I would like to relate one that our District
Overseer/Branch Overseer is known for: When the householder says, "I'm not
interested" at the beginning of the conversation, he sometimes (when the
time is right) replies: "I don't blame you, I haven't said anything
interesting yet."*
**** This came from a Sister in the Franklin, Illinois congregation ---
One circuit overseer suggests leaving a question with the householder
whether or not they are too interested in listening to us: We were asking
our neighbor's opinion of this, "If Jesus was to return to the earth, what
church would he attend?"' It is amazing how many don't automatically say
their own. I have used it occasionally and it has allowed for continued
**** This is said to be a modified statement of Brother Russell's: There
are over 10,000 religions in the world. If God set these up for us to learn
to worship Him properly, learn to love one another, and have useful,
peaceful lives, we can only arrive at one of two conclusions: Either he
failed miserably, or he didn't set them up in the first place and something
else is behind them. Do you agree?*
**** In a discussion with a householder, the householder made the
statement: 'The King James Bible is the only true Bible from God.' The
Brother said, 'Oh, is that the one the apostles used? Or, did the apostles
have the wrong Bible?'*
**** This is from a Circuit Overseer in pioneer school: The householder
stated that he believed in the Trinity. The Circuit Overseer then said, 'Oh,
then you have the latest information on it?' The man asked what that was,
and the Circuit Overseer brought out the Trinity brochure!*
**** This is from a Circuit Overseer: When talking with someone who
believes in the Trinity, they seem to focus on John 1:1 for some reason.
This Circuit Overseer says to them, "I'll tell you what, You take your best
Scripture for the Trinity and throw it out and I'll take my best Scripture
against it and throw it out, and then let's talk about the Trinity from the
Scriptures." Great idea!*
**** From a brother in the Dominican Republic: Trinitarians usually start
off with some "proof texts" and then launch into some Greek words they know.
I have learned now instead of trying to "duke it out" with them, I bypass
all of that by saying, "Let's suppose you are right, the Trinity does exist
and we are wrong, then please show me from the Bible what I should do to
find the right religion." This usually stops them cold, as they have never
thought about guiding someone to the truth, only about stopping JW's on the
**** This is from a brother in the Cortez congregation in Connecticut ---
A brother was talking with a householder about the immortality of the soul.
The brother turned to Genesis 2:17 and read it to the householder and said,
'Here God states that you will positively die.' Then he turned to Genesis
3:4 and read it to the householder and said, 'Here Satan said you will
positively **not** die. Which do you choose to believe**?'*