Thursday, April 4, 2013


Nice report from Sister at Wallkill about the effectiveness of the site.
The GB is certainly progressive for Kingdom interests......

We had a nice report on Wednesday about the JW.Org site. Amazingly, the site is viewable in 230 languages and there are 440 languages in which you can download a piece of literature! I think I am safe to say that there is no other website like it. The brothers who were assigned to design it wanted to make it simple, appealing, compelling, and responsive. Some work with the web pages is automated to save time and man power. Other things have to be done manually by brothers and sisters. The brothers can monitor the locations from which downloads are being requested. They showed a world map and then had lights that lit up in different countries around the world as requests come in. It was very interesting to see how frequently persons in China, middle-eastern countries and of course Europe, America, etc, are accessing the JW.Org site. About 16,000 persons from 197 countries have requested Bible Studies via this web site in 5 months! The website is accessed about 500 times per minute, or 700,000 per day and around 300 million times per year!

A young man had left the truth and was very unhappy. He found the web site, requested someone to call on him, began a study and attended his first meeting, all from information he received on the website!
A Muslim man who speaks Persian and lives in a country where our work is not legally recognized accessed our web site, recognized the ring of truth, obtained the phone number of the Patterson complex, and called to ask for more information. The brother that took the call knew that there was a Gilead student who spoke his language and put them in touch with each other. The Gilead student started a Bible Study with this man via Skype and he is studying twice a week.
While on a flight from New York to California a sister sat next to a woman who is a Moslem refugee, and she spoke only Swahili and Somali, but cannot read either. The sister downloaded the Listen To God brochure from on her iPad and showed it to her. She indicated that she could not read. So she tried to sound out the words and read it to her and the woman helped her out. She was able to read “God’s name is Jehovah” and the woman repeated it. The sister text messaged a friend who knew someone who lives in the city the woman was going to who even knew Swahili . The woman is now having regular discussions.
Each day is thrilling as the brothers and sisters see the fruitage of their hard work and the preaching work is speeded up in this time of the end!
And here at Wt. Farm we have been busy too. We were told recently that during the year of 2012, we had 72,632 persons who toured and 5,000 of those were in 22 foreign languages! So it was a busy place here this past year.