Thursday, April 11, 2013

11 April 2013 - Genesis 3: 5

Thursday, April 11

You are bound to be like God, knowing good and bad. — Gen. 3:5

Although speaking only to Eve, Satan used the plural form of the pronoun “you.” In so doing, he may have tried to appeal to her pride, endeavoring to make her feel important—as if she were the spokesperson for herself and her husband. The result? Eve evidently took it upon herself to speak for both of them by saying to the serpent: “Of the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat.” Satan also distorted the facts. He implied that God was unfair in demanding that Adam and Eve “must not eat from every tree of the garden.” Next, Satan got Eve to think about herself and how she could supposedly improve her lot in life, becoming “like God.” Eventually, he got her to focus on the tree and its fruit rather than on her relationship with the One who had given her everything. (Gen. 3:1-6) Sadly, by eating of the fruit, Eve showed that Jehovah was not the most important Person in her life. w11 5/15 3:4, 5