Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remember the Wife of Job


What a wonderful reminder for us when we tend to beat ourselves up. Sometimes we can only do a little, but keep our integrity which is paramount. Then when we get on our feet again, we can do better. 

Sometimes, we can say to ourselves, just go to the meeting, maybe I can't comment tonight, I will do better. I will go in service today, maybe I can't speak, I can just accompany somebody, I will do better. Just don't give up. Here is what was said: 

During a recent visit of the circuit overseer (in Louisiana ), he gave a talk centered on being tired and weary. The brother mentioned Jeremiah and how, after being put in stocks for just one day, he was complaining and cursing the man that announced his birth, and wishing that he had died in his mother's womb. Why? He was tired. 

Then the CO asked, what comes to mind when you think of Job's wife. Most people think of her telling Job to curse God and die. (Job 2:9). 

The CO asked why she wasn't rebuked with the three so-called comforters. It was brought out that Job's wife was tired; probably more tired than we can imagine. 

Consider the following: 

When the messengers told Job that he had lost all his livestock, Job's wife lost hers too. 
When Job was told that he had lost all his land and material goods, Job's wife lost hers too. 
When the messengers told Job that he had lost all his children, Job's wife lost hers too. 

The 10 children that she carried for 9 months each, bonded with them as she breast-fed each and every one of them, watched them grow up and stand tall, only to lose them all at once, violently. 

Then, to make matters worse, her husband mysteriously and suddenly developed huge boils all over his body that are open and oozing pus and stink. She watched as the man she loves, the father of her children, cracked a pottery jar to scratch himself in order to alleviate some of the pain, but to no avail. This man, who has been all that to her, is staying away because his breath is so bad that no one can stand it. And she can only sit by helpless, without any explanation for anything. 

Would we want to continue to see someone suffer or would we too want him to die? Most of us would want a loved one out of their misery. So when Job's wife said curse God and die, she wasn't being disloyal to Jehovah. She wanted her husband's misery to end. It was an act of love. She was tired! 

In the end, not only was she not reproved but she was blessed with everything that Job received: 10 more children, more wealth, and a healthy husband. 

The CO continued: There are times when due to our health problems, either physical or mental or financial, or whatever else, we are not doing all that we feel we should. Once I myself was in such a state. A young friend asked me if I considered Job a faithful man. Of course, I said, 'oh yes!' Then she lovingly pointed out, that at one time all Job could do was sit in the dirt and scrape his sores. That was his act of worship, proving Satan a liar. He did not lose faith. So, next time you are being hard on yourself for circumstances beyond your control, remember the account of Job. We can, in spite of our circumstances, still give a reply even if we are just breathing and praying to Jehovah to get through the next minute. Whether it is physical or mental distress, or financial, we can be like Job, only able to scrape our sores and pray to get through this trial. Yet we are still doing what Jehovah has asked us to do: give a reply to the one who is taunting him!!!