Wednesday, March 6, 2013

7 March 2013 - 1 Timothy 6: 20

Thursday, March 7

Guard what is laid up in trust with you.—1 Tim. 6:20

Jehovah has never taken true worship lightly. As an example, under the Mosaic Law, the Israelites experienced severe consequences when they veered from their worship of Jehovah. (Josh. 23:12, 13) In the first century C.E., Christ’s followers needed to put up a vigorous fight to keep true worship free of corrupt teachings and attitudes. (2 John 7-11; Rev. 2:14-16) Today, true Christians continue to take their worship seriously. Being serious does not mean that we cannot have a relaxing and enjoyable time with people. Jesus set the perfect example of taking time not only to teach but also to relax and develop meaningful relationships with others. (Luke 5:27-29; John 12:1, 2) Being serious also does not mean that we should always have an appearance of severity. Had Jesus had a stern, overly serious nature, people certainly would not have been drawn to him. w11 4/15 1:6, 9