Sunday, March 31, 2013

31 March 2013 - Numbers 13: 33

Sunday, March 31

There we saw the Nephilim. — Num. 13:33

Joshua and Caleb were part of a group of 12 men who went into the Promised Land to spy it out. Upon their return, ten of those men gave a very negative and discouraging report. They even claimed that some of the land’s inhabitants were giants descended from the Nephilim, the offspring of rebel angels and women. (Gen. 6:4) Now, that claim was absurd. Those wicked hybrids had been wiped out in the Deluge many centuries earlier. But even the most baseless ideas can exert power over those weak in faith. The negative reports from those ten spies quickly spread fear and panic among the people. Before long, most were sure that it would be a mistake to enter the Promised Land as Jehovah had directed. In that volatile situation, what did Joshua and Caleb do? (Num. 13:25-32) Although the crowd hated to hear it, those two men told the truth and stuck to it—even when threatened with death by stoning! — Num. 14:10 w11 7/15 1:4, 5