Friday, February 8, 2013

9 February 2013 - Romans 3: 23

Saturday, February 9

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.—Rom. 3:23

Fear may paralyze us—fear of making the wrong decision, fear of failure, or fear of appearing foolish to others. Even so, love of God and his Word can help us shrink our fears. In what ways? Love of God will motivate us always to consult his Word and Bible-based publications before we make important decisions. We will thus minimize the number of mistakes we make. Why? Because the Bible can “give to the inexperienced ones shrewdness, to a young man knowledge and thinking ability.” (Prov. 1:4) Will we always make the right decision? No. All of us make mistakes. King David, for example, was a wise and faithful man. Yet, he at times made poor decisions that caused suffering to himself and others. (2 Sam. 12:9-12) Nevertheless, David did not let his mistakes undermine his ability to make decisions that had God’s favor. — 1 Ki. 15:4, 5 w11 4/15 2:6, 7