Monday, February 4, 2013

4 February 2013 - Proverbs 16:20

Monday, February 4

He that is showing insight in a matter will find good.—Prov. 16:20

By nature, some sheep may not be warm and companionable. Still, the elders try to show insight and “find good” in them. True, being imperfect, an elder may struggle to have a positive view of each one. Yet, as he tries his best to be gentle toward all, should he not be commended for his effort to be a good shepherd under Christ? We all have reason to “be submissive” to the elders. As Paul wrote, ‘they are keeping watch over our souls.’ (Heb. 13:17) That expression reminds us of the literal shepherd who forgoes sleep in order to protect his flock. Likewise, the elders today may sacrifice some sleep while tending to the needs of those who have poor health or emotional or spiritual problems. For example, brothers on Hospital Liaison Committees have been awakened from sleep to respond to a medical crisis. Yet, when we face such a situation, how appreciative we are of their service! w11 6/15 4:7, 8