Thursday, February 21, 2013

21 February 2013 - Numbers 3: 12

Thursday, February 21

I do take the Levites from among the sons of Israel in place of all the firstborn.—Num. 3:12

What did that selection mean for the Levites? Rather than receiving a land inheritance, they were entrusted with a priceless privilege of service. Being “the priesthood of Jehovah” was their inheritance. (Josh. 18:7) The context of Numbers 18:20 shows that this did not leave them impoverished materially. (Num. 18:19, 21, 24) The Levites were to be given “every tenth part in Israel as an inheritance in return for their service.” They would receive 10 percent of Israel’s produce and of the increase of the domestic animals. In turn, the Levites were to contribute a tenth part of what they received, “of the very best of it,” for the support of the priesthood. (Num. 18:25-29) The priests were also given “all the holy contributions” that the sons of Israel brought to God at his place of worship. Members of the priesthood thus had good reason for believing that Jehovah would provide for them. w11 9/15 1:3, 4