Friday, February 15, 2013

15 February 2013 - Romans 14: 3

Friday, February 15

Let the one eating not look down on the one not eating.—Rom. 14:3.

In such matters as food and recreation, there is room for diversity and personal preference. (Rom. 14:2, 4) However, we also realize that allowing for diversity in recreation is not a license to indulge oneself. To illustrate, consider the example of food. Though we may be willing to eat a variety of foods, we would not deliberately consume food that is rotten. Eating such food would go against common sense and could endanger our health. Similarly, though we may be open to a variety of forms of wholesome entertainment, we would not pursue leisure activities that are life-threatening, violent, or morally rotten. Engaging in such activities would go against Bible principles and would endanger our physical or spiritual health. To make sure that we stay within reasonable limits, we do well to determine in advance whether some recreation that appeals to us is beneficial or not. — Eph. 5:10 w11 10/15 1:3, 4